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Khaulat abdulhakeem
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How to build your personal brand as a student
In this episode, Khaulat Abdulhakeem ( Founder of DiverseK) had a conversation with Jessica Sremanak, who is a senior lecturer at the Indiana university, Bloomington. The conversation is about building your personal brand as a student. About the DiverseK podcast: The DiverseK podcast is a weekly conversation with tech industry experts and career strategists about technology careers to help you successfully CHOOSE and NAVIGATE your own technology career.  You can join upcoming podcasts LIVE on Fridays by following Khaulat on LinkedIn. Make sure to also visit to kickstart your technology career or get help navigating your existing tech career. Got questions or enquiries? Email us at - Connect with us on social media; Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Tiktok - If you haven't subscribed, make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button. See you next week! --- Send in a voice message:

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